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Officers and Board
Members of the Board are elected by ISTU members at each annual meeting for a period of 3-years.
The current Board composition is as follows:

Joo Ha Hwang - President - contact
Kim Butts Pauly - Secretary General - contact

Term through 2019
Cyril Lafon
Kobi Vortman
George Schade
Joo Ha Hwang
Peter Kaczkowski

Term through 2020
Olivier LeBaron
Ayache Bouakaz
Yoshihiro Muragaki
Zhen Xu

Term through 2021
Matthew Eames
Nir Lipsman
David Melodelima
Robert Staruch

Ex Officio
Elisa Konofagou, Co-Organizer, ISTU 2011
Robert Muratore, Co-Organizer, ISTU 2011
Stephen Meairs, Organizer, ISTU 2012
Guofeng Shen, Organizer, ISTU 2013
Kim Butts-Pauly, Organizer, ISTU 2014
Chrit Moonen, Organizer, ISTU 2015
Emad Ebbini, Past President

ISTU Secretariat
Jenny Clark
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